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feltr offers an R interface to the Felt API. You can create new maps, edit existing maps, and extract data. feltr includes tools for working with layers, which represent geographic data, and elements, which are interactive annotations. Spatial data accessed from the API is transformed to work with ‘sf’.


You can install the stable version of feltr from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of feltr from GitHub with:



An API key can be obtained by signing into your Felt account and looking under Account Settings at the Integrations tab. Once obtained, it can be loaded for persistent use with feltr::set_felt_key('YOUR KEY', install = TRUE, r_env = file.path(Sys.getenv('HOME'), '.Renviron')).


We can create a map, add some data to it, and even delete it.

## create a map
map <- felt_create_map(title = 'feltr README')

Then we can add some data to it from a URL.

  map_id = map$id, 
  url = '',
  name = 'Parks'
#> # A tibble: 0 × 6
#> # ℹ 6 variables: name <chr>, status <chr>, progress <dbl>, id <chr>,
#> #   type <chr>, relationships <list>

Finally, we can even delete the map from R.

felt_delete_map(map_id = map$id)
#> [1] 204

This returns a 204 on success.

  • feltr: There is another R package by Eli Pousson with the same name available on GitHub.